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Graduation Bears and Gifts is owned by Hadleys Event Management. Hadleys is an Australian proprietary limited company owned and operated by Vicki Hadley. Vicki has 49 years experience in the entertainment, hospitality, and customer service industry. She and her family place great emphasis on the importance of quality products and excellent customer service as our Testimonials page will show.

Hadleys began operation as an online store in 2005, selling wedding accessories, religious gifts, graduation bears and special occasion mementos. Over time our products had become so numerous that the website became cluttered and hard to navigate. For this reason we decided to split the company into three sections with a separate online store for each one; Graduation Bears and Gifts, Wedding and Bridal Accessories and Religious Gifts and Supplies.

Graduation Bears and Gifts is the first to be launched and the other two will follow soon!